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Available Designs


These designs have been individually channeled intended as a tattoo for one person.

With the intention of providing a space for Spirit to create, I invite art to flow. The link below will bring you to my design page in which you can view all of the images available to be tattooed. Each design will be tattooed on only one person and will be removed from this collection once it has been claimed.

Please fill out an application to submit your request for a design, including a screenshot or image number. If an image contains multiple designs, be specific as to which piece you are interested in. Some changes can be made to the designs (add or remove colour and shading, simplify the design) but they will not be entirely redrawn. Once I receive your application, I will request a deposit as confirmation; then we can book your tattoo appointment or arrange to meet for a fitting beforehand. This process can happen quickly, as the drawing is already complete. Thank you for looking! 


Custom Tattoo

Appropriate for anyone seeking a custom drawn design.

My next opening for custom consultations is Winter Solstice. You can apply for a custom tattoo at anytime, though my response will be after December 22nd, and I will be booking consultations around that time (early January). Bookings happen each Equinox and Solstice.

To apply during the intake period, please complete this application.


I will respond to your application after Solstice, once selecting my projects for the season. We will book a complimentary consultation where we can thoroughly discuss your idea and I can provide any guidance and insight. We will explore intentions and discuss possibilities for our journey together. I will take any measurements necessary as well as a deposit+art fee. The drawing process can take up to a few months and the tattoo will be booked once the artwork is entirely complete. The custom process is slower, as we collaborate to create a beautiful intentional tattoo, your patient is deeply appreciated. As soon as artwork is ready to show you, I will email you. Once we are both excited about the design, we will book in your appointment!

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To apply for a tattoo journey, please fill out the appropriate application above.

For any other inquires, feel free to connect by emailing me at jacquelinadivina@gmail.com